Posted: 2nd, 02 2022


Campaign Brief & Rationale

#BeeraKuSure is a campaign that focuses on the bright side of having an insurance cover. It also borrows from the local dialect and popular slang “oli ku sure” which means “you are safe/guaranteed/sure”. It therefore means that once you have an insurance cover, you are safe thus the need for you to get insured.

Once again, we chose to incorporate the local dialect & popular slang to drive relatability across all the relevant audiences.

As usual, all adverts will be skewed to using an insurance broker.  Samples of the same can be seen in the subsequent slides.


It is to run from 21st January to 31st March.

Campaign Goals

  • To keep insurance in the conversation while shining a light on the insurance broker.
  • To further improve insurance uptake through insurance brokers
  • To bring to light the advantages of using an insurance broker while acquiring insurance.